364mc: Researching Job Roles – Digital Media Video Editor

For the past year I have been taking steps to set up my own Video Production Company. Last year I got accepted on to the business mentoring course with the Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship as part of my professional experience module. Being provided with a personal mentor was a great way to learn about launching a small business for the first time and working as a freelancer. Although I have many great expectations about my business idea which involves the production of Music Videos, Creative Web Content and even Short Films, I don’t want to miss the opportunity of going down the avenue of seeking employment with another company.


I think Media Production students often get heckled by peers outside of the University environment because many people think it is either too difficult to get a job in the media industry or impossible. However I believe if you look in the right places there can be many interesting opportunities that pop-up.

The professional community LinkedIn can be useful for finding what skills and experience are required for various media jobs. Once a profile is created and personalised the website will send you job recommendations and some of them although competitive seem quite appealing. One which I stumbled upon recently was ‘Digital Media Video Editor’ for PA consulting group. Although I have plans to become a freelance film maker, I would still like to have the opportunity to apply for this job or one similar. Despite what I first thought, I think this job could be within reach for Media Production Graduates.

Job Description

The Digital Media video editors are responsible for supporting this mission through proactive, world-class and highly creative digital media design input into PA’s marketing, assignment, and client projects.

Digital media video editor: work on complex design briefs and translate this information into creative and professional videos and podcasts that adhere closely to PA’s brand and corporate style, whilst acknowledging the local preferences.  Design the creative, compelling, and professional output within brand guidelines to tight deadlines.

Desired Skills & Experience

  • Strong video editing skills based on 5+ years commercial or freelance experience
  • In-depth knowledge of Final Cut Pro and associated packages in the Final Cut Studio suite
  • Adobe CS6 – particularly After Effects (inc Mocha), Premiere, Illustrator and Photoshop applications
  • Excellent personal time management skills
  • Ability to work quickly and accurately, translating complex business issues and models into clear and compelling stories
  • A good team player, willing to ask for, and provide help to other members of the design team.

Software/Hardware knowledge:

  • Expert : Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Sony EX1 and FS100 HD video cameras, studio lighting and audio recording setup
  • Proficient:
    Motion, AfterEffects, Soundtrack Pro, Illustrator, (Mac OS X)
  • Working knowledge:
    Apple Compressor, Adobe Media Encoder


Hypothetically speaking, would I be the right person to apply for this job? Breaking down the desired skills & experience there is 5+ years of video editing experience, knowledge of final cut pro, knowledge of Adobe programs such as Photoshop, excellent time management and ability to work as a team. These are all skills that I will be leaving university with. Some jobs ask for more experience in certain areas however it is comforting to know that there are interesting jobs out there in the creative industries that I could potentially aim towards applying for to help benefit myself as a professional.

I have been editing videos for 5 years now. At the beginning of my two year Higher National Diploma in Media Studies/Moving Image I was first introduced to Final Cut Pro and has been my default editing program throughout my degree. This job asks for at least 5 years experience in this area which is the first skill in my CV that would contribute towards my application for this job.

A good knowledge of Adobe CS6 programs is required for this job. I studied Photoshop CS6 this year as an add+vantage module and is something I was incompetent with before hand. I learned a lot of basic skills with Photoshop this year but I am by no means an expert. Training myself up on Photoshop and other Adobe packages such as Aftereffects and Premiere and working towards an approved Adobe diploma is a part of my professional practice that would enhance my CV for various different post-production media jobs.

Working as a Director on my Final Media Production has helped to improve my time management skills including working within a project time frame and working well under pressure. This job application and many others ask for the applicant to have excellent time management skills which is a skill I have improved upon and continuing to cultivate within my work. Also being a team player, asking for and giving help and advice to design team members is important. I believe that the first step in becoming a good team player is recognising and respecting the pyramid of command. If i work lower down in the company ladder I need to listen to and take onboard orders and instructions given to me from team members above me within the business.

Must be an expert in using Sony EX1 and FS100:


Professional HD product. Records on to SxS express card media. State-of-the-art, non-linear XDCAM workflow. Best HD yet seen in a compact camcorder. First hand-held camcorder to carry CineAlta 24p brand with multiple frame rate recording capabilities. 1080I/720P switchable.




Equipped with a large CMOS sensor equivalent in size to a Super35mm. 1920x1080P slow and quick motion. Records to HXR-FMU 128 Flash memory unit allowing continuous recording for over 10 hours.



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