361mc: The World of Night Cast

Murray Simon:
Role – Blake


Originally from Scotland but now living in London, Murray is an easy-going but hard-working actor whose talent really came across on camera during the production stages of ‘The World of Night’. Having experience working on many productions both on the stage and on camera, Murray adapted his acting style to the role of Blake which really helped to bring the script to life. I would definitely recommend this actor and I intend to work with him again.

Nicola Ollivere:
Role – Cherry

nicola ollivere

Currently working at Brighton’s Academy of Creative Training, Nicola is a newly graduated actress who has thrown herself at a lot of projects recently including a production of Jim Cartwright’s ‘The Road’. Nicola joined ‘The World of Night’ project taking the only female role of Cherry in order to add some work to her showreel and gain more experience in Short Film. Not only is she an extremely talented young actor but was a pleasure to work with. Her efforts have definitely been recognised on-screen.

Ricardo Freitas:
Role – Ronnie

ricardo freitas

Coming from London Ricardo has an impressive resume of acting work. A cool, level-headed individual, Ricardo was always on set early and ready to begin work. His patience and talents were noted by the production crew and like all of the actors on ‘The World of Night’ he was a pleasure to work with. Ricardo has managed to make a living out of acting and I would definitely consider working with this actor again.


Jack Carroll:
Role – Young Ronnie

After writing a flash back scene in to our short film we had the challenge of finding a child actor who resembled Ricardo as a young boy. I think finding Jack Carroll courtesy of one of our Media Production peers was a real bonus to the project as he does share some of the characteristics we were looking for. At the age of 14 he is currently working on his own filming and acting projects keeping himself busy outside of school time.

Ronnie Young and Old:

ronnie young and old


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