364mc: Researching Job Roles – Digital Production Manager

I think the intention of this module is to encourage students to avoiding putting all their eggs in one basket and to go out and look at what other jobs and entry points are available for leaving university. So far I have found Linkedin quite useful for researching job roles, responsibilities and skills requirement.

Digital Production Manager – Job Role

Company Name – 1000heads

1000heads is a company which helps brands to be more social. They describe themselves as the Word of Mouth People. A social media company which helps brands to get their stories to travel further gaining more recognition in their particular field.1000heads have “experience across multiple sectors including Telecommunications, Travel, Retail, Media, Finance, Automotive and FMCG”.

contact hr@1000heads.com

The Role:

The role of ‘Digital Production Manager’ means being responsible for production elements of all Digital Projects including creating scopes for work, timelines, managing technical processes, creating test plans as well as defining and creating production solutions.


  • To plan, organise, coordinate and control digital production.
  • Create all scopes of work for digital production projects.
  • Responsible for the daily management of digital projects, liaising with account leads and/clients as required, and supervising the task delivery of the digital team resources (internal & third-party).
  • Liaise between client services & third party suppliers.
  • Negotiate with third-party suppliers ensuring best rates & quality.
  • Create practical timelines for digital production projects.
  • To ensure the delivery of all 1000heads digital projects to the appropriate level of quality, to schedule and budget.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of job-related technologies ensuring that all 1000heads digital solutions reflect best-practice & current specifications.
  • Contribute to the internal vision and goals of the business by participating in projects that benefit 1000heads as a company.

Key Skills:

  • Fluent in creating project proposals and specification documents with an excellent understanding of web development, SEM, accessibility, online marketing & social media.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Excellent project planning & management skills.
  • Credible industry knowledge.
  • Experience & understanding of current web technologies in a commercial environment.
  • Familiarity with all standard web hosting models, and ability to configure, manage & troubleshoot these as required.
  • Experience & knowledge of social platforms.
  • Video production experience & knowledge is an advantage.
  • Passionate, energetic and confident.
  • Proactive: self-motivated.
  • Team-player: flexible and challenging.


This job is one that I find particularly interesting as it has a wide platform of skills and knowledge requirements to be used on many different planning, management and production tasks. I think I would be interested in working for a company like 1000heads mainly for the variety involved in the day-to-day work.

Looking over some of the required skills for the position, some of the key themes include project management, time management and communication. I have a better grasp for project management this year from handling my final media production and in becoming more fluent and managing projects I have also improved upon my time management skills.

However this is a social media company and my social media knowledge doesn’t go much further than how Facebook and Twitter works. ‘Video production experience and knowledge is an advantage’, where video production is my main field of practice I can definitely fill this role criteria. A lot of the other skills required for this job however are interpersonal skills that are generally acquired when working through stages of video production.


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