361mc: Child Performance Legalities

When shooting the world of night we required a child actor for a flash back scene. There are various rules for child performances and sometimes a license for including the child in your production must be sought from your local authority. While researching around the area I had a look on the Birmingham City Council website to find out whether a license was required. The main areas of concern when identifying if a license is required are:

  • When there is absence from school?
  • When money changes hands from an audience, or in payment to the child or another person?
  • When a child works more than 4 days in any 6 month period?
  • When a child is involved in sporting activities of modelling work?

As our young actor, Jack Carroll (aged 14) was off school for Easter Holidays during the shoot, with the shoot only lasting 30 minutes and no money changing hands we managed to avoid having to seek a license for the shoot. Jack’s father, Neil Carroll, was also present on the shoot and kindly agreed to sign the child performance parent consent form on location. I can see no further problems with the inclusion of Jack Carroll in our film.

child performance 1


child performance 2


child performance 3


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