364mc: Reflections on APT meetings

From my APT meetings this year with Steve Dawkins I noted down some things to help with progression in my portfolio and final media production:


  1. Carry out self-directed learning (technical)
  2. Play with equipment.
  3. Contact more professionals.
  4. Placements in professional experience, kemp’s directory.
  5. Consume more media.


  1. Think about career path
  2. Speed+ Program
  3. Research job roles
  4. Online presence
  5. Play with FMP idea.

One of the main issues that had arisen from my APT meetings throughout the year was a lack of technical capabilities. I was still getting confused at times with some of the camera functions and so I was asked to go away and research deep in to first of all how a camera works and second how to use a camera. I looked at a number of online resources and books to bring me up to speed with my camera work which is self-improvement that was reflected on my FMP.

Consuming more media in the form of contextual research become very useful for idea development but also for the research and development module. I set out to learn more about the vocabulary of my chosen final project field, short film. The more contextual research carried out the more I could spot clichés and mistakes as well as inspirational shots and sound design.

During my early APT meetings in the year, one thing I mentioned to Steve was that I didn’t really know what I wanted to do or how I would go about doing it. I have looked in to various different media job roles a lot this year from searching through communities of practice such as Linkedin, Shooting People and Media Muppet as well as websites like skillset.org. I found looking at required skills and experience on job descriptions gave me a lot of confidence in applying for jobs. I found some post production jobs for example that I would feel comfortable applying for.

Thinking about my career path I have spent a lot of time working out how to set up my own creative business to work as a freelancer. However although I was accepted on to the speed program last year I was denied entry for speed+ this year meaning I missed out on a fantastic opportunity to receive mentoring and direction in my business plans.  My business mentor from last year, David Thomas, has agreed to meet up with me again before I leave university to give me some final help with my plans.

Playing around with my FMP idea and changing it a lot is what I believe has led me to be part of creating an interesting an original film. Our film idea went through a lot of evolutions from the start of pre-production until the end which was down to abandoning ideas, straying off in a new direction, coming back to the original idea and combining influences.


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